Genealogy in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky
Monday August 21st 2017

Welcome to Kentuckiana Genealogy

We are changing things a bit here at Kentuckiana!

To see our old main page (temporarily) please go here.

Everything from our old message boards will be eventually transferred over to our new site. In the meantime, those items can still be found from our old main page and all search features will still work.

If you have something to post here at Kentuckiana; a query, an old record, picture, etc. please feel free to send it to me in an email to Alternatively, you may register with our site (link titled “Register” at the right of all new pages) and post a comment to any appropriate post. (You can post a comment without registering, also, but it isn’t posted immediately) For example, if you have a marriage record for Hardin County Kentucky, post a comment to the Hardin County Marriages post that I have made. This will make it easily found by others and will post it immediately. I will get it moved in to the main post as soon as I can.

If you have any questions about Kentuckiana, the site or the area, feel free to post a comment or send me a message!


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