1860 BOONE TOWNSHIP, HARRISON CO., IN pages 108 - 111

Kentuckiana Genealogy: Census Records: 1860 BOONE TOWNSHIP, HARRISON CO., IN pages 108 - 111
By LYNN SNYDER (Okiemo) ( on Saturday, July 26, 2003 - 11:19 am:

BOONE TOWNSHIP, HARRISON CO., INDIANA pages 108 - 111. Enumerated on 19th day of July 1860. This is just a partial listing of Boon/Boone Twp. If you are looking for a specific family that you know lived in Boon Twp and do not find them below send me an email and I will look on the sheets that I have. Some of my surnames in Harrison Co., IN are Anderson, Bryum,Crosier, Douglas, Dodd, Dodds, Kingsley and Ridley.

742/725, Crosier, Adam, 54, M, Farm Laborer, NY
Crosier, Sarah, 53, F, Housekeeper, NY
Crosier, Edward S., 28, Student of Medicine, IN
Crosier, Edward, 24, M, Farm Laborer, IN
Crosier, Mary, 22, F, Domestic, IN
Crosier, Isabel, 20, F, Domestic, IN
Crosier, Robert, 17, M, Farm Laborer, IN
Crosier, Minerva, 14, F, IN

745/728, King, Wm, 41, M, Farmer, IN
King, Margaret, 53, F, Housekeeper, NY
King, Nellie, 19, F, Domestic, IN
King, Yarrow, 17, M, Farm Laborer, IN
King, James, 15, M, Farm Laborer, IN

746/729, Crosier, Robert, 78, M, Farmer, England
Crosier, Margaret, 22, F, Domestic, IN
Dodd, Anthony, 22, Farm Laborer, IN

747/730, Crosier, Robert, 42, M, Farmer, IN
Crosier, Elizabeth, 30, F, Housekeeper, KY
Crosier, Ethan, A., 4, M, IN
Crosier, Mary C., 2, F, IN
Crosier, George W., 10/12, M, IN

748/731, Crosier, Thomas, 39, M, Farmer, IN
Crosier, Matilda A., 35, F, Housekeeper, IN
Crosier, Layfayette, 7, M, IN
Crosier, Franklin, 9/12, M, IN

749/732, Dodds, Eleanor, 58, F, Domestic, NY
Dodds, John, 18, M, Day Laborer, IN
Dodds, Joseph, 16, M, Day Laborer, IN

753/736, Anderson, J. W., 24, M, Tanner, KY
Anderson, Louisa A., 19, F, Housekeeper, OH

755/738, Holiday, James, 40, M, Farmer, IN
Holiday, Matilda, 33, F, Housekeeper, IN
Holiday, Henry, 7, M, IN
Holiday, Mary, 4, F, IN
Holiday, Thomas, 2, M, IN
Holiday, Anna, 1, F, IN
Bentley, Jane, 58, F, Domestic, MD
Lynn, Wm, 12, M, IN

758/741, Ridley, Thomas, 36, M, Farmer, IN
Ridley, Mahala, 34, F, Housekeeper, KY
Holston, Wm, 70, M, Farm Laborer, VA

760/743, Robinson, Job, 33, M, Trader,
Robinson, Jane, 32, F, Housekeeper, IN
Robinson, Mary E., 10, F, IN
Robinson, Nancy A., 9, F, IN
Robinson, James A., 7, M, IN
Robinson, Daniel, 5, M, IN
Robinson, Sarah J., 3, F, IN
Robinson, Sarah 19, F, Domestic, IN
Pope, Daniel, 17, M, Day Laborer

761/744, Boon, Craven, 54, M, Farmer, IN
Boon, Sarah, 49, M, Housekeeper, VA
Boon, George, 23, M, Farm Laborer, IN
Boon, John, 21, M, Farm Laborer, IN
Boon, Lucy, 16, F, Domestic, IN
Boon, Harriet, 14, F, IN
Boon, Craven, 12, M, IN
Boon, Mary, 10, F, IN
Boon, Emily, 5, F, IN

763/746, Holiday, James, 79, M, Stone Mason, PA
Holiday, Rebecca, 69, F, Housekeeper, KY
Holiday, Alexander, 27, M, Farm Laborer, IN

764/747, Marsh, George W., 40, M, Farmer, IN
Marsh, Elizabeth, 28, F, Housekeeper, IN
Marsh, Sarah A., 4, F, IN
Marsh, Mary A., 2, F, IN
Marsh, Henry L., 36, M, Farmer, IN
Marsh, Louis, 22, Farm Laborer, IN
Marsh, Charles P., 14, M, IN
Marsh, Martha, 17, F, Domestic, IN
Marsh, G. W., 12, M, IN

765/748, Marsh, Joseph, 37, M, Farmer, IN
Marsh, Sarah J., 37, F, Housekeeper, IN
Marsh, Caroline M., 13, F, IN
Marsh, Sarah J., 11, F, IN
Marsh, Mary A., 7, F, IN
Marsh, Eliza M., 4, F, IN
Marsh, Joan, 5/12, F, IN

767/750, Crosier, Edward, 49, M, Farmer, NY
Crosier, Frances, 48, F, Housekeeper, England
Crosier, Robert, 22, M, Farm Laborer, IN
Crosier, George, 19, M, Farm Laborer, IN
Crosier, Isabel, 17, F, Domestic, IN
Crosier, Ellen, 15, F, Domestic, IN
Crosier, Edward, 13, M, IN
Crosier, Adam, 10, M, IN

968/757, Crosier, Edwin, 29, M, Farmer, IN
Crosier, Amanda, 27, F, Housekeeper, IN
Crosier, Robert, 7, IN
Crosier Parson, 5, M, IN
Crosier, Ada, 3, F, IN

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