Genealogy in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky
Monday August 21st 2017

‘Bible Records’ Archives

Pearson, Purcell Bible

These names and dates are from my family Bible printed 1867: John Purcell b. Feb 18 1842 d. Nov 28 1875 Sarah Purcell b. Nov 28 1845 d. Oct 25 1929 Sennie E. Purcell b. April 12 1869 Dilimma Purcell Kemp b. March 6 1875 Emma Izabella Purcell Cramer b. Feb 6 1866 William H. Pearson (my great-grandfather) married Sennie E. Purcell June 10, [...]

Eastridge Family Bible

Births: James Eastridge was born January 11th 1818 Nancy Eastridge was born October the 8th, 1819 Polly Eastridge was born February the 18th 1821 Willey Eastridge was born March the 10th 1823 Losson Eastridge was born February 28th 1828 John Eastridge was born March 25th 1828 Elisabeth Eastridge was born October the 21st 1829 Salley [...]