Genealogy in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky
Monday August 21st 2017

‘Newspapers’ Archives

Heffron Killed Halstead

Jackson (Michigan) Citizen Patriot, June 26, 1873, p. 2. MURDER ON THE RAMPAGE Terrible Tragedy at Salem, Indiana Lafayette, Indiana, June 23-Full particulars were received today of a shocking murder that happened at Salem, Indiana, a small place south of this city. It appears that on Friday morning two men named Heffron and Halstead had a [...]

Lizzie Cooper Died

Kansas City Star, December 22, 1903, p. 1. Miss Lizzie Cooper of Salem, Indiana, a cousin of Henry Cooper, a wealthy Chicago merchant, leaped from a buggy in Pomona, Cal., yesterday while the horse attached to it was running away and was fatally injured. She died a few hours later. ---------- Special thanks to Randi Richardson

Many Killed and Injured Near Salem, IN

Worcester (MASS) Daily Spy, December 26, 1883, p. 1. THE SALEM, IND., DISASTER Louisville, Ky., December 25-The following are additional names of the killed and injured in the railroad accident near Salem, Indiana, yesterday: Killed-Boone Thompson, farmer, of Washington County, Indiana. Injured-J. W. Myers, fireman, of New Albany, left [...]

Editor is Beaten

Denver (CO) Post, January 31, 1900, p. 12. NOTE: Although not specifically stated, this sounds much like a whitecapping. AN EDITOR IS BEATEN Salem, Ind., January 31-D. A. Jennings, editor of the Searchlight, was mobbed last night. He was taken out and beaten and his publication, scandalizing many of the people, [...]

Physician Severely Whipped as a Means of Helping Him Overcome Addiction to Opium

Kalamazoo (MI) Gazette, August 10, 1879, p. 3. NOTE: Although not specifically stated, this sounds like a whitecapping. A physician at Salem, Ind., was addicted to opium eating, and his neighbors tried to cure him by tying him to a tree, whipping him severely, and making him take a vow of reformation. ___________________ Special thanks to [...]

Mary Spurgeon Struck and Killed By Lightning

Albany (NY) Evening Journal, May 31, 1860, p. 2. At Salem, Indiana, May 24th, the residence of Joseph Spurgeon was struck by lightning killing instantly his daughter, Mary, aged thirteen years, who was lying in bed asleep at the time. ____________ Special thanks to Randi Richardson for this and many others.

John Hay Biography

Denver (CO) Post, July 1, 1905, p. 1+. NOTE: This edition of the newspaper contained several articles about Hay and a picture of the home where he died. Noted below is only one and it was abbreviated from the original as noted by the ellipsis. In another of the articles it was noted that Mr. Hay died of sudden heart failure on July 1, 1905, in [...]