CRAWFORD CO, INDIANA BIRTHS (Note: These names and dates have been found in various documents -- they are not PROVEN here. This is only a GUIDELINE for helping you locate these births in the county Death Records. If source of where this was obtained is known, the source is noted at the side. If this is a true reading of the actual county Birth Records, it will be noted as such along with the volume, page, etc.
Do you know of births in Crawford Co.? Send them to me, even if you only know of one or two...
we'd like to include them here!

Date of Birth
Submitted By
Sarah Jennette Leavenworth 12FEB1842Dee Floyd-Pavey
Joel Alonzo Lyon 1833Dee Floyd-Pavey
Fannie Lyon 01OCT1864Dee Floyd-Pavey
Rachel Elizabeth Roach 24 May 1841Charles Carl
Elizabeth Shaw31 Mar
Infant Shaw14 FEB
James Leonard Shaw2 May
Mariah Shaw8 Mar
Volney P. Shaw8 JUN

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