Mary A. Johnson

This obituary was submitted by Dan Houser

Johnson, Mary A.
Died 1940's, West Fork, Indiana.

Fire Is Fatal To Aged Woman - Fire believed to have been caught by her clothing from an open drum stove in her living room took the life Saturday of Mrs Mary A. Johnson, 79, of West Fork.

Mrs Johnson was dead when the fire was discovered by her son, Arthur Johnson, of English, who had driven to West Fork to see his mother.

Mr Johnson saw smoke issuing from the door of the house when he drove up in his automobile about 10:30 a.m., and the house was so full of smoke that he had difficulty in locating his mother's body.

Attempts to smother the flames with a quilt failed, and Mr Johnson then threw water on her blazing clothing and removed her body from the house.

The door of the stove was open and the poker was found between Mrs Johnson's knees.

Mrs Rosa Mason, who lived with Mrs Johnson, said she had gone about 25 minutes before to visit a neighbor who had just returned from the hospital, leaving Mrs Johnson alone.