Millard Kemp

This obituary was submitted by Dan Houser

Kemp, Millard

Aug 31, 1938 Young man killed in Accident while repairing building. Millard Kemp,[ son of Oliver son of John, son of Henry, son of Reuben Kemp] factory worker, dies when beam slips, hit chest.Millard Kemp, one of the community's fine young men, was killed about nine o'clock last Saturday morning when a wood beam slipped and hit him in the chest. Employed at the Keller Manufacturing Company plant, he was working with William Anderson in removing a loft from a building. He was working up near the ceiling and was directing a 2 by 8 inch timber, 16 feet long, down to Herschel Crosier who was working below. The timber slipped and, with added force caused by the leverage of the greater part of the timber on the end being lowered first, the top end of the timber hit him. Mr. Anderson saw him become unconscious and with other workmen who were in the building caught him as he fell from the beam pile on which he had been standing. He died almost instantly. Efforts to revive him failed.

The body was removed to the Gehlbach-Resch Funeral Home and later was taken to the home of his parents. Coroner Harold O'Bannon, after investigating the tragedy over the weekend, filed a verdict of accidental death. Mr. Kemp has been employed at the factory about two years. His death was the first fatality which has occurred in the operation of the factory since it was established thirty-eight years ago.

Mr. Kemp was twenty-nine years, one month and twenty-seven days of age. He was the son of Mr. And Mrs. Oliver Kemp and spent most of his life here..He was united with the Corydon United Brethren church in 1923. He was an exemplary young man on December 27, 1931 he was united in marriage to Miss Katherine Elliott. To this union two sons were born. Funeral service were held Sunday afternoon at two-thirty o'clock at the Corydon United Brethren church conducted by the Rev. D. H. McCormick, the pastor Music was furnished by Mrs. McCormick, Miss Nola Davidson, Dan P. Griffin and Marshall Kitterman, with Mrs. John G. Libs as organist.

The remains were taken to the home of Mrs. Kemp's parents, Mr. And Mrs. James Elliott, near Fredericksburg. On Monday afternoon services were held at Kay's Chapel conducted by the Rev. Horace Sonner and Rev. McCormick. Interment was in the cemetery nearby. The pallbearers were Nelson McCrady, William Anderson, Charles Conrad, Homer Barrow, Walter Wiseman and Story Shireman. The flowers were in charge of Mrs. Oscar Rhoads, Mrs. Nelson McCrady, Mrs. Chas. Walter Wiseman and Mer. Edward Ernst. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Katherine Kemp, two sons. Donald Lee and Robert Dale. He also is survived by his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Oliver Kemp, three sisters, Mrs. Milton Jordan of Long Beach, Calf.; Misses Clella and Rema Kemp, and a brother Lloyd O. Kemp, all of Corydon Indiana.