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FEATURE: Location: Latitude: Longitude: Allen Creek Taswell stream 382226N 0863512W Allstott School Taswell school 382137N 0863336W Allstott School Taswell school 382140N 0863338W Alton Alton pop place 380721N 0862504W Artist Point Leavenworth pop place 380939N 0862214W Bailey Creek Milltown stream 381615N 0861846W Beechwood Beechwood pop place 381224N 0862528W Benz Hill Milltown summit 381654N 0861713W Bethany Church Taswell church 381707N 0863455W Bird Hollow Valeene valley 382233N 0862741W Bird Hollow Creek English stream 381957N 0862806W Birds Cemetery Beechwood cemetery 380936N 0862502W Bluegill Pond English lake 382222N 0862522W Blunk Cemetery Birdseye cemetery 381838N 0864014W Bogard Church English church 381820N 0862327W Bogard Creek English stream 381654N 0862750W Boone, Township of Beechwood civil 380922N 0862627W Brandywine Fork Milltown stream 382214N 0862017W Brown Cemetery Taswell cemetery 382111N 0863144W Brownstown Greenbrier pop place 382253N 0863014W Brownstown Creek English stream 382027N 0862811W Browntown Greenbrier pop place 382251N 0863011W Brushy Creek English stream 381740N 0862705W Camp Fork Creek English stream 382005N 0862729W Cape Sandy Leavenworth pop place 380903N 0862215W Carefree Milltown pop place 381506N 0862105W Crawford Church Beechwood church 381218N 0862234W Crawford County English civil 382004N 0862751W Cunningham Cemetery English cemetery 381847N 0862622W Curby English pop place 381715N 0862238W Davis Cemetery Birdseye cemetery 381826N 0863942W Denbo Cemetery English cemetery 381952N 0862821W Deuchars Beechwood pop place 381020N 0862654W Devils Hollow Milltown valley 381858N 0861729W Dexter Well (historical) 45184locale 381639N 0863219W Highfill Chapel Taswell church 382158N 0863256W Highfill Creek Taswell stream 382118N 0863303W Hilands Overlook State ParEnglish park 381902N 0862725W Hogtown Milltown pop place 382130N 0861904W Houghland Hollow Milltown valley 381553N 0861844W Huffman Branch Milltown stream 381605N 0861839W Indian Hollow Leavenworth valley 381158N 0862145W Indian Ridge Leavenworth ridge 381232N 0862219W Jaby Creek Beechwood stream 381421N 0862346W Jackson Hill Hymera pop place 391006N 0872143W Jennings, Township of Leavenworth civil 381406N 0862104W Jericho Beechwood pop place 381157N 0862528W Jericho School Greenbrier school 382232N 0863212W Johnson Township School Taswell school 381755N 0863717W Johnson, Township of Taswell civil 381742N 0863724W Jordan Creek Leavenworth stream 381443N 0861905W Keysacker Cemetery Branchville cemetery 381439N 0863220W Land Cemetery English cemetery 382007N 0862833W Leavenworth Leavenworth pop place 381159N 0862039W Leavenworth Memorial GardeLeavenworth cemetery 381226N 0862206W Leavenworth School Leavenworth school 381155N 0862014W Liberty View Church Milltown church 382221N 0861638W Liberty, Township of Milltown civil 382148N 0862147W Little Patoka River Greenbrier stream 382330N 0863608W Low Gap Branch Beechwood stream 380948N 0862400W Magnolia Beechwood pop place 381457N 0862335W Marengo Milltown pop place 382209N 0862037W Mathers Chapel English church 382134N 0862600W McKensie Ridge Branchville ridge 381445N 0863021W Mifflin Taswell pop place 381822N 0863225W Milltown Milltown pop place 382032N 0861634W Milltown School Milltown school 382035N 0861700W Mitchel Creek Birdseye stream 381804N 0864022W Mount Eden Cemetery Taswell cemetery 382158N 0863539W Mount Lebanon Church Milltown church 381758N 0861652W Mount Sterling Church English church 381814N 0862425W Mount Zion Church Milltown church 382010N 0862003W Narrows, The Milltown gap 381930N 0861658W Ohio, Township of Beechwood civil 381157N 0862457W Old Leavenworth Cemetery 45299post offic 382207N 0863212W Parker Moore Cemetery Muncie East cemetery 401042N 0852028W Patoka School Taswell school 381950N 0863450W Patoka, Township of Taswell civil 382118N 0863623W Pedora School Taswell school 382211N 0863623W Pedora School Taswell school 382213N 0863538W Pilot Knob Milltown summit 381822N 0862111W Pilot Knob Milltown pop place 381657N 0862059W Pilot Knob Church Milltown church 381822N 0862020W Pleasant Green Cemetery Shelburn cemetery 391138N 0872918W Pleasant Ridge Church Beechwood church 380815N 0862232W Pleasant Ridge Church Taswell church 381646N 0863347W Pophins Hollow Leavenworth valley 380824N 0861907W Potter Cemetery Taswell cemetery 381827N 0863729W Purkhiser Cemetery Valeene cemetery 382337N 0862638W Reasor Branch Branchville stream 381421N 0863152W Riceville Birdseye pop place 381928N 0863956W Riddle English pop place 381502N 0862550W Riddle Cemetery Beechwood cemetery 381012N 0862609W Riverview Fairbanks pop place 391201N 0873501W Rock Springs Church English church 382209N 0862638W Russell Branch Taswell stream 381521N 0863315W Saint Josephs Cemetery Milltown cemetery 381730N 0861826W Saint Josephs Church Milltown church 381745N 0861822W Schooler Point Landing Leavenworth pop place 380929N 0862029W Scott Hill Leavenworth summit 381453N 0861816W Self Island Hardinsburg island 382505N 0861529W Seton Cemetery English cemetery 381643N 0862720W Seton Knob English summit 381650N 0862659W Shafer Ridge Milltown ridge 381529N 0861923W Shafer Ridge Church Milltown church 381547N 0861939W Sharpe Creek Leavenworth stream 381312N 0861755W Sheckell Cemetery Beechwood cemetery 380803N 0862429W Simpson Chapel English church 382209N 0862320W Slick Run Milltown stream 381859N 0861724W Sloan Cemetery English cemetery 382032N 0862759W Smith Hollow Branchville valley 381344N 0863306W Spears Lookout Tower Greenbrier tower 382231N 0863253W Spring Lake Milltown lake 381612N 0862148W Sterling, Township of English civil 382012N 0862713W Stewart Cemetery English cemetery 382206N 0862809W Sulphur Beechwood pop place 381339N 0862815W Sulphur Lake Picinic Area 45177spring 381523N 0863013W Union, Township of Branchville civil 381459N 0863125W WSWI-AM (Evansville) Evansville South tower 375921N 0873548W West Fork Branchville pop place 381401N 0863135W West Fork Lookout Tower Branchville tower 381437N 0863023W Whiskey Run Milltown stream 382101N 0861655W Whiskey Run, Township of


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