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Covering Indiana counties of: Clark, Crawford, Dubois, Floyd, Harrison, Jefferson, Lawrence, Orange, Perry, Scott and Washington; and Kentucky counties of Breckinridge, Bullitt, Hardin, Jefferson and Meade.

A Genealogy Game

How fast can you name the relationship to you?

1. Father's brother's uncle's sister?
2. Grandmother's nephew's daughter?
3. Aunt's mother's father's wife?
4. Mother's aunt's grandson?
5. Brother's son's sister's mother?
6. Cousin's aunt's daughter's brother's?
7. Sister-in-law's father-in-law's grandson?
8. Sister's father's stepson's mother?
9. Uncle's father's only grandchild?
10. Brother-in-law's wife's grandmother's husband?
11. Uncle's father's mother's husband?
12. Aunt's mother's granddaughter's only sibling?
13. Granddaughter's brother's mother's mother-in-law?
14. Niece's father's only brother?
15. Aunt's husband's sister's daughter?

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