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Covering Indiana counties of: Clark, Crawford, Dubois, Floyd, Harrison, Jefferson, Lawrence, Orange, Perry, Scott and Washington; and Kentucky counties of Breckinridge, Bullitt, Hardin, Jefferson and Meade.

The Genealogists Handbook

Common (and not so common) Abbreviations

The following are some of the abbreviations I have picked up here and there:

b. = born Jr. = Junior biog.= biography m. = married
bk. = book mem.= member bro. = brother ms. = manuscript
c.,ca.,or cir.= around,about mss.= manuscripts d. = died ob. = died
D.B.= Deed Book O.B.= Order Books dau.= daughter p. = Page
descs. = descendants pish.=parish do. = ditto,the same pp. = pages
d.s.p. = died without issue s.= son d. unm = died unmarried sis.= sister
fam.= family Sr.= Senior Hist.Soc.= Historical Society supra=above
ibid.= the same unm.= unmarried gr-father = grand-father Vol.= volume
gr-gr-father= great-grandfather W.B.= Willbook inf = infancy

Some of these are very well known abbreviations! Most everyone knows them!
But there are some listed here that I had never heard of until I spoke with other genealogists!

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